Managing Your Migraine Symptoms

A migraine can be an extremely painful and even debilitating headache to experience. For patients that are prone to suffering from migraines, it is beneficial to take active steps to better manage these chronic headaches. Manage Stress Levels There are many potential triggers for a migraine headache. Stress is one of the more common sources of migraines that people will experience. For example, a person that is under immense stress can have substantially higher blood pressure levels, which can increase the chances of a migraine starting.

Demystifying Different Types Of Back Pain

If you fail to address back pain early, it can disrupt your normal lifestyle. Back pain can leave you immobilized and unable to perform daily activities. There are many chiropractic approaches that can be used alongside conventional treatments to address back pain. However, before visiting a chiropractor, it may help familiarize yourself with the different types of back pain. Neurogenic Claudication  This condition is also called pseudo-claudication. It is derived from two terms: neurogenic and claudication.